How can I merge all the windows into one? (Alt/Tab)

Our application is designed with multiple separate windows to allow for the greatest flexibility for users to position windows wherever they like upon their monitors. Some users position specific windows from their layouts close to windows of their Brokerage Platform, to make quick reference easier, etc.

The Application is designed to control the Entire application (as regards Minimizing the windows to the taskbar / restore) by using the Main Menu window to control the state of all the subordinate windows. (Main menu Thumbnail shown in the green box.)
TaskBarWindows.pngMinimize the Main Menu Window, and all other windows will minimize down at the same time. Re-select the Main Menu thumbnail from the Taskbar "stack", and all TI windows will restore (as long as you have not separated them from that behavior, by controlling the state of an individual window). You can also control this from the Windows menu, by selecting Minimize All, or Show All.

You can also control the location of opening / placement of the application. First, use the Tools menu > Options > Layouts Tab and select the Open Relative to Main Window setting.


Then, place the Main Menu window where you would choose to have the program (specific monitor or location). Re-open your Default_Layout.LTI (File > Load Layout) and re-save it after the windows orient relative to that Main Menu window. This will re-save the locations for all elements of that layout using the new location. All further layouts or Channel Bar selections should open using this new location as their position.

Other than using this functionality, there is no way to "merge" the windows into one icon or Taskbar tab, you must rely on these controls.