Using the Cloud Features

Using the Cloud Features

Trade-Ideas has an embedded Cloud feature that allows you to save and share layouts to the Cloud in your account. This allows you to easily switch between multiple computers and transfer your layouts between them, as well as being able to share your layouts with others.

Saving your layout to the cloud is very simple. Once you have the layout loaded that you want to save you click 'File > Save or Share to Cloud', ..

Then you will see a window that allows you to choose either a single window from your layout with the check boxes on the left, or you can click the 'Entire Layout' button and that will select all of the windows in your layout. 

Then you give your layout a unique name like 'My HOD Layout' and click the Save button, ..

Now your layout is saved to the cloud in your account.

To load or share the layout is simple. 

To Load the layout click File > Load from Cloud, .. 

This will open the Cloud window which shows you all of your Cloud layouts..

Choose your Layout and click the Load button..

This will Load your Layout from the Cloud. Once logged into Trade-Ideas Pro on any computer you can always load your favorite layouts this way. This makes it easier to transfer layouts between multiple computers.

To Share your layout with someone you can open your Cloud window, chose a layout and click the Share button..

This will open a window with a URL Link you can copy and share with people...

To Load a Link that's been shared with you click File > Load from Cloud..

This will open the Cloud window where you can paste the URL and click Load to load the new layout..

This will load a new Cloud layout into Trade-Ideas Pro