Connecting with Trade Ideas on a Controlled Network

If you are having difficulty connecting to Trade Ideas servers and have changed locations or networks that you are working from, the issue is most likely that the Network or Firewall is preventing access to the specific port number that we use for the normal “Primary” connection.

We use Port 8844 for our Primary Connection type. If your Network or Firewall administrator can provide access to that port, the Primary connection will be able to connect to our Servers.

But there is a workaround that will work on any network that allows standard HTTPS (Secure web) connections.

Select the Tools menu > Options, and on the Connections tab :

Change the Connection Type Pull-down setting from Primary to HTTPS Mode

It is not necessary to change any settings under HTTP Options.

Save that dialog, and then select Account > Reset Connection to force a new connection to the Trade Ideas Servers using that changed connection setting.