New Referral Partner Center

As of May 13, 2020, we have changed from Infusionsoft to LeadDyno as our Referral Partner tracking software. You can create an account here:

To assist you through this new process, I have created several short videos that will guide you through the new Affiliate Dashboard. When you have time, please take a few minutes to watch. 


When creating your new links, I highly suggest using our Best Converting links (below).

  1. Trading Room Chat:
  2. TOW Signup:
  3. Ebook 5 Ways to Win BTFD:
  4. Test Drive:
  5. Next Test Drive
  6. Youtube Live Room:
  7. Pricing:

  8. Products:
  9. Home Page:
  10. Download:

Also, we are still working on transferring over promo codes. For now, you can send your customers this promo link for 15% off:

Promo Code:    TRADEIDEAS15

As always, you can track your progress on your affiliate dashboard here:

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