Do you have a free trial?

We do not give free fully functional trials of our application due to the requirements of the Exchanges regarding live real-time data.

We do however allow for a limited demo mode; if you login using a Facebook or Google ID. 

Here is a link to download the latest version of TI Pro to try out the demo mode on your PC Desktop: 

Here is the link for TI Web, a version of TI Pro that will run in your Internet Browser, on any computer: 

From the login screen, you will need to choose the Google or Facebook option for the demo mode. Just click either the Google or Facebook button and log-in with your normal Google or Facebook account.

Demo mode features 20 minute delayed data to conform to the rules of the Exchange. 

We also have quarterly events that we refer to as a "Test-Drive", where we offer a one or two weeks of access to the Premium level functionality featuring three independent running A.I. and Unlimited Backtesting with live data for a small fee. You can sign up to get notified of the next Test Drive by clicking here

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